Dive In


The Solution. 

The Dive In Festival, a celebration of design and craft in Leeds. Aiming to educate and get people involved in the design, encouraging them to 'dive in'. Taking inspiration from the River Aire that runs through Leeds, as though the design itself is 'in the Aire', using water motifs throughout the branding. 

The Brief. 

Conceive an annual design festival for Leeds and bring it to life through a flexible brand identity system that will work consistently across a wide variety of touchpoints. 


Initial Research. 

Looking at Leeds as a city the River Aire stood out to me, flowing through the center and heart of the city. Alongside the River you can find a variety of amazing design studios, from Elmwood and RobotFood, to Kiss Branding and Agency TK. This inspired my branding concept for the festival. Having design 'in the Aire', using water motifs to represent this. 

Visual Toolkit. 

My branding uses water patterns throughout, inspired by the River Aire as well as the name itself 'Dive In'. Encouraging people to Dive into the Aire and Dive into design. I used a bright and playful colour palette alongside paper cuts and textures to celebrate the craft and design at the festival throughout.


For my logo I created my own display typeface, using layers and paper textures cut into water shapes in my bright color palette and based my branding around this central design. 


To navigate around the festival, handouts will be given. Featuring a map, a ticket, and a lanyard. Using the same water motifs throughout, pinpointing each festival event that's occurring alongside the river. 



The purpose of the festival is to encourage people to 'Dive in' and get involved. To do this, a competition will be held. Using the cutout from the handout pack, each person is challenged to create their own patterns and designs. Holding the cut out up around Leeds, I photographed my own examples of this. The completion would not only encourage people to get involved but raise awareness for the festival itself. 

Totes and Lanyards. 

Final touchpoints for my festival include the obligatory festival tote bag, as well as lanyards featuring the Dive In logo and colour palette throughout. 


I decided to experiment with animating a video to advertise the festival.