The Solution. 

My given number was 7, and seed word Communication. The brief required me to work in just one colour and format to 132x132mm. My final design focuses on our connections through mobile phones. Even during the COVID pandemic, we are all connected, albeit digitally.

The Brief. 

As an ode to community and togetherness this year we’ve opened submissions to over 1,000 participants. As such the brief is different to that of previous editions.

We would like you to interpret the number that has been allocated to you, taking inspiration from the ‘seed'. 


Initial Sketches. 

Here are some of my rough initial sketches. I wanted my design to be representative of my style. Using my illustrative style, incorporating characters and people within my designs. 


Initial Ideas. 

I decided to draw up some of my initial sketches to get more of an idea of what route I wanted to go down with my final design concept. 


I wanted to incorporate my illustrative style and character designs so decided to illustrative a lot of different people all using their phones to then add together around the number 7. 

Final Design. 

My final design features several black and white character illustrations all around the number 7, connected through their phones.  

I'm overall happy with my submission for Fedrigoni 365, it's representative of my current illustration style and the characters I like to draw. Using the seed word 'communication' in a fun and playful way. I'm really excited to see my design in print within the Fedrigoni 365 2021.