To design and bring to life a new rum brand. Targeted at millennials as well as appealing to older generations. Disrupting the way Rum is seen and branded currently. 


Fortunes Favourites. An alcohol brand that offers Rum for day and night, light or dark. Using Tarot cards and Divination as inspiration. Asking the consumer to choose a side, encouraging a conversation and creating a debate. 



There is a variety of different types of Rum - aged, spiced, overproof etc. The most common being white and dark. Several brands have focused on Rum's heritage, using nautical references and pirates etc. To avoid this I decided to base my brand around the contrast of dark and white rum instead. 

Looking at this contrast I came up with the idea of the sun and moon. From this.. Tarot Cards and Divination. There is a rum for everyone, be it the light or the dark. The brand will encourage the consumer to choose a side, choose their fortune. 



The name Fortunes Favourites comes from the idea of choosing your Fortune. A name that allows the brand to expand beyond just Rum, but a collection of alcohol instead. 

The Brand utilises a black and white colour palette to create a modern and sophisticated look - appealing to a wide audience. Using design elements such as serif fonts but with a modern twist. Using a star symbol as a simplified secondary logo. 






The packaging heroes Tarot inspired illustrations of the sun and the moon. Using a circular arch and star design to add a whimsical touch. The illustrations use pointillism and dot work, found in classic Tarot cards, with a modern twist using black and white throughout.


The bottle labels again use an arch design to mirror that of the illustrations, containing information that can be hand stamped or printed in texture as displayed to create a hand craft feel and that of a potion bottle. 

The two mirror and compliment each other well. Working as a set and as stand alone bottles.  The inspiration from Tarot cards is taken further using a square shaped bottle so that the designs look like Tarot cards. 

The names - the light side and the dark side, encourage the consumer to choose their fate or fortune. Picking a side and a team, creating a conversation and debate giving the brand an edge over competitors and a talking point. 



The Outer packaging for the Boxes, to be sold in retail as a more luxury product. Mirrors that of the bottle, using silver foiling and embossing for premium touches. Again herring the detailed and intricate Tarot inspired illustrations to draw attention. 



I created a social media presence mockup for the brand. Using imagery that demonstrates the light and dark side - white and dark rum. Showing a variety of different occasions and aesthetics showing there is a rum for everyone and encouraging them, again, to choose a side.

I also created coaster designs featuring elements from the brand. Asking the consumer ' what's your fortune?' to create intrigue and encourage them to ask for Fortunes Favourites at the bar. 


The brief asked for an interesting pack structure. So I decided to add a pull-off cup element within my designs. To show daily dosage as well as make my bottle more re-usable and practical. 

Visual Concept. 

The visuals for the brand and promotional material focus around divination and Tarot cards, as better sleep is in your future with the drink. Focusing on the sun and moon Tarot cards, and contrasts of day and night in the black and white colour palette. As well as divination and magical, whimsical elements, such as dripping candles and potion style elixirs. 


The name ‘Incanto Elixirs’ comes from the Italian words: charm, enchantment and magic. I chose to look at Italian words, not only as it makes the brand more interesting but also as Tarot cards originated in Italy. My Logo itself is inspired by the mirrored and bordered designs of Tarot cards. Whilst my black and white colour palette is inspired by and representative of the two sides to my drink, morning and night.


Incanto Elixirs is advertised through a series of posters. Inspired by the mirrored designs of Tarot cards, and the contrast between morning and night through the black and white colour palette. The poster series features the bottles both together and apart. 


Incanto Elixirs will be advertised through a series of posters in the underground. Targeting those on their way to work, walking up the stairs each morning, and back down on their way home every day, tired and out of energy. Each poster challenges the viewer to change the story of their own day and gain more energy. Encouraging the viewer to use Incanto Elixirs, foretelling a better future through better sleep.

Visual Toolkit. 

An overview of the tools and elements I used to create the branding for Incanto Elixirs.