The Solution. 

The Grounder app, where tinder technology meets mental health solutions. The App features a variety of grounding techniques, daily affirmations and guided breathing exercises. Swipe left and right through each technique, practice and favourite the ones that worked for you. So, when panic or anxiety does take over you have something specific to you, that you know will help. Relaxation your own way.

The Brief. 

Design and conceive a resource to help those suffering from Panic attacks, PTSD and mental health struggles. Focusing on simplifying pre-existing solutions, to create something more effective. 

Branding and UX Design

Initial Research. 

Grounding brings your focus to what is happening to you physically rather than in your thoughts. A good way to recover from Panic attacks or flashbacks and can be done anywhere. There are so many grounding techniques that there is sure to be something that works for everyone. 
But grounding requires time and practice for it to be most effective. Grounder helps you do this. Find what works for you, and practice so when panic, or anxiety does take over you know what to do. 

Visual Concept. 

The visuals for the brand and promotional material focus around divination and Tarot cards, as better sleep is in your future with the drink. Focusing on the sun and moon Tarot cards, and contrasts of day and night in the black and white colour palette. As well as divination and magical, whimsical elements, such as dripping candles and potion style elixirs. 

Initial Sketches. 

I wanted the App to be quick to open and easy to navigate, making the process from anxiety to calm quicker and simpler. So separated my App into 3 main sections, Guided Breathing, Grounding and Affirmations. 

Initial Ideas. 

The App uses Tinder technology to find a grounding technique, and way to calm, that's perfect for you. Researching into Grounding there are so many options, and sure to be something for everyone. But it requires practice and time to perfect, the App allows you to do this. Practice each method, swipe left and right, and favorite the ones that worked for you. So when you really need them, you have a collection of calming tools that are personal to you.  

Grounding Bracelet. 

Unlike many other mental health apps. that require a questionnaire and long-winded process before simply suggesting 'drink some water'. I wanted my app to open quickly and give quick solutions. The Grounding bracelet can be used as an object to hold, feel, and calm yourself with but used also to open the app. During a panic attack or flashback, searching through your phone isn't your first thought with Grounder help is just a click of a button away. 


The name Grounder was inspired by the Tinder meets Grounding solutions idea behind the App. The logo itself uses the Grounding object/ bracelet as a focal point for the O within Grounder. Using this circle throughout the App, for a smaller branding option. 


The App is designed to be simple and easy to navigate. Featuring three sections, Grounding, Breathing and Motivation.


Each grounding technique features a simple, hand-drawn animation at its center. Providing a focal point when practicing grounding, to keep the eyes open and the mind present. Alongside a simple description of each technique. Swipe left for those that didn’t work, right for those that did and save for your favorites. 


The App also features daily affirmations and motivation. Designed to be saved and downloaded, for screensavers or for around the home for a boost of encouragement whenever and wherever you need them.


I decided to animate the App to demonstrate how the UI works, as well as how each of the illustrations are animated throughout. 



The Grounder App is advertised through a series of posters. Focusing on the Apps main purpose, finding something that works for everyone, giving more choice and freedom. 


I created a video to summarise and demonstrate the App. Giving further context into Grounding as well as show how the App can help improve your mental health. 

Visual Toolkit. 

An overview of the tools and elements I used to create the branding for the Grounder App.