The Solution. 

Nice cream. The CBD infused ice cream brand. Mashing up the timeless sweet treat with the new and exciting CBD. Taking visual inspiration from classic Victorian illustrations, and the history of Ice cream. Celebrating the classic pastel colours, and stripes of ice-cream and giving them a psychedelic CBD inspired twist. Creating not just a twist on the classic, but a new classic all together. 

The Brief. 

JDO RAW 2020 Student Brief. To Design a new food or drinks brand from two unexpected foods, drinks or flavours – that could be a product to brand and design. The target audience is millennials, so make it modern and fresh.

Branding and Packaging

Initial Research. 

My brand is a twist on a classic, adding the new, fun and interesting CBD to the timeless, classic Ice cream. I wanted to celebrate ice cream as a classic, looking back at its history. Ice cream gained popularity during the Victorian era along with trips to the beach; so, I chose to use this time period as visual inspiration. Using classic Victorian illustrations and giving them a new and playful psychedelic twist, using nautical and seaside references. A psychedelic ‘trip’ to the beach.

Visual Concept. 

Following with the theme of ‘a twist on the classic’, I looked at traditional ice cream designs, featuring stripes and pastel tones, and gave them a psychedelic twist. Inspired by the psychedelic designs of Wes Wilson in the 60’s and more modern references from Hattie Stewart. Melting the striped lines of classic ice-cream designs and enhancing the pastel tones.

Initial Sketches. 

Here are some of my initial sketches, rough ideas, and concepts from the initial stage of my project and brand creation. 


The illustrations I created are all inspired by the Victorian era, using a black and white colour palette as well as cross-hatching and textures. Each illustration is given a psychedelic twist, inspired by Cannabis and CBD twist on the classic, timeless ice-cream. Using nautical imagery such as shells and crabs, to represent the ice-cream hotspot - the seaside. And a 'trip' to the beach.  


The name Nice cream is inspired by the new, naughty and nice sides of CBD ice cream. The logo itself takes visual inspiration from psychedelic designs from the 60’s. and designers such as Wes Wilson, celebrating and conveying the feelings of a ‘trip’ or ‘high’. Using a black and white colour palette as well as vintage textures inspired by the Victorian era. 


My final packaging designs for Vanilla, Strawberry and Mint flavour Nice cream. Using the classic colours and Victorian-style illustrations, but with a psychedelic CBD inspired twist. The illustrations wrap around the sides of the tub and the logo sits centrally. 


Using nautical and seaside references throughout my branding, I chose to use octopus tentacles within my posters. To advertise the brand in a fun and interesting way, alongside Instagram Advertisements to appeal to my millennial target audience. 


To enhance the psychedelic, cannabis-inspired elements of my posters I wanted them to subtly move. I animated the crab's pincers and pearls, to give subtle movement, so the poster demands a second look and makes the viewer question 'did that poster just move?!'. Adding to the psychedelic inspired design.


II wanted to use the octopus hands within my illustrations and bring them to life in a 3D way. So designed a Pop-up and taste testing room to bring the psychedelic world of Nice cream to life. 

Visual Toolkit. 

An overview of the tools and elements I used to create the branding for Nice cream. 

Mint Nice cream