She Soars

The Solution. 

With a lack of pilots and girls in STEM subjects, #SHESOARS focuses on the stories of female pilots. Taking visual inspiration from comic books, and superheroes, to encourage young girls to see these women as heroes. As their role models, and people they aspire to be like, hanging their posters up on their walls. #SHESOARS features a set of 5 foldout poster zines, each telling the stories of inspiring female pilots throughout history. 

The Brief. 

Research previous explorers and expeditions. Create a piece of communication design that captures the content in a new and exciting way. Focusing on creating positive impact.


Initial Research. 

In the United Kingdom, only 14.4% of all people working in STEM subjects are women and globally, just 5.18% of commercial pilots are women. With this project I want to change this. To encourage young girls to become female pilots and choose the STEM subjects that will get them there. 

Visual Concept. 

Young girls’ loose interest in Stem subjects between the ages of 11 and 15. To change this, I want to give these young girls role models. Focusing on female pilots throughout history. and sharing their stories. Taking visual inspiration from heroes and comic books, to present the female pilots as heroes and role models to look up to and aspire to. 

Poster Zine. 

SheSoars features a set of 5 foldout poster zines. Featuring an interesting facts page, as well as a comic book-inspired overview of their lives and achievements. With an A2 foldout poster inside, to give young girls something to hang on their walls and look up to. 
Each poster zine has its own bold, eye-catching colour, taking visual inspiration from superheroes and comic books to encourage young girls to complete the collection and get all 5. 


Poster Zine. 

Each poster zine is printed onto A2 paper, folding out from A5 to an A3 comic book into an A2 sized poster for young girls to hang on their walls and look up to.

Jackie Cochran